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Weather Portugal

This page is about the weather in Portugal listing the most populated cities (2014 census):

Weather LisboaLisboa Population: 547.994
Weather Vila Nova de GaiaVila Nova de Gaia Population: 237.814
Weather PortoPorto Population: 186.038
Weather AmadoraAmadora Population: 176.555
Weather SetúbalSetúbal Population: 131.000
Weather FunchalFunchal Population: 119.892
Weather CoimbraCoimbra Population: 116.202
Weather AlmadaAlmada Population: 115.000
Weather BragaBraga Population: 110.640
Weather AveiroAveiro Population: 100.000
Weather OdivelasOdivelas Population: 97.000
Weather LeiriaLeiria Population: 95.500
Weather GuimarãesGuimarães Population: 54.097
Weather ViseuViseu Population: 50.000
Weather MatosinhosMatosinhos Population: 49.486
Weather FaroFaro Population: 47.000
Weather ÉvoraÉvora Population: 45.351
Weather MaiaMaia Population: 40.000
Weather Viana do CasteloViana do Castelo Population: 38.045
Weather CovilhãCovilhã Population: 36.356
Weather Agualva-CacémAgualva-Cacém Population: 35.824
Weather Castelo BrancoCastelo Branco Population: 34.000
Weather Vila Nova de FamalicãoVila Nova de Famalicão Population: 33.000
Weather Marinha GrandeMarinha Grande Population: 31.413
Weather SantarémSantarém Population: 29.929
Weather Vila do CondeVila do Conde Population: 28.636
Weather Figueira da FozFigueira da Foz Population: 28.000
Weather GuardaGuarda Population: 26.565
Weather QueluzQueluz Population: 26.248

Besides the mainland Portugal also has the islands of Madeira and the islands of Azores.